Chris Gary of Auburn says... Been eating there for the 30+ years they have been open the Que, the stew, the BBQ slaw, the pie, and their fabulous breakfast can't be beat. I am a BBQ professional and this place epitomizes the unique East Alabama style of BBQ . It's as iconic as any famous BBQ joint in America and always delivers the quality and consistence .

Tammy P, from L.A. says... We had an event recently at the Barbecue House in Auburn, Alabama and it was such a terrific experience. The owner, Jeff was simply delightful and his food was INCREDIBLE! Our whole dinner party loved the experience from the lovely people behind the counter serving sweet tea to the servers that consistently refilled the pork tips, bbq ribs, chicken and side dishes to the amazing pies that were passed out at the event. Overall a most incredible experience. If you go to Auburn, this location for BBQ is not to be missed! Enjoy every savory last bite, we all sure did!

Kellieww says... That sandwich is just like it was when I went to school at Auburn. One bite and the memories flooded back. I love that sandwich.

Goodwaterbetty says... The Price family has owned this restaurant in Auburn for many years. Convenient to the AU campus, it is a popular spot for students and townspeople. The breakfast menu is very popular and the BBQ dinners, sandwiches, and sides are great. I especially like the Brunswick stew.

RoninBoaz says... This place never disappoints! Been eating there for the 30+ years... the Que, the stew, the BBQ slaw, the pie, and their fabulous breakfast can't be beat.

2sam says... Tastiest and most flavor packed bbq around. Friendly atmosphere and employees. Just across the road from campus.